Our Services

We consider ourselves to be a one-stop-shop for all your waste management needs. Our full range of services are detailed below. If you still need help deciding which service is the best fit for your needs, call our expert advisors on 020 3327 3388

Wait & Load

Our wait & load service is available Nationwide to both commercial and domestic customers. Our caged Lorries are a great alternative to skip hire – we are able to load from 4.5 cubic yard to 18 cubic yards with our vehicles. We guarantee our customers a great service at very affordable prices, and can offer same day and next day services when required.

Waste Collection

Our Waste clearance service provides an affordable alternative to skip hire as this doesn’t require you to obtain any skip permits. We simply arrive at the designated address on time and ready to load all of your waste. Our waste clearance service is accessible to both businesses and private individuals Nationwide, from 4.5 cubic yards to 18 cubic yards.

Daily Bag Collection

Our pay-as-you-go bags are best for on-demand waste disposal. Just fill it, and we'll collect it at an agreed time - up to five times a day, seven days a week. Mix dry and recyclable waste together, and we'll sort it out for you. Add on cardboard recycling for large quantities at a set price per sticker - stack your cardboard, place a sticker on it, and we'll whisk it away with your bags. Our recycling rate is 95%, so you can be sure your rubbish is handled responsibly. Waste removal to suit your schedule that's cheaper than your local council

Grab Hire

Most suited to removing large volumes of waste from construction or landscaping projects, our grab hire service can dispose of muck away, rubble, soil, bricks, and fly-tips. We can steer around obstructions with a hydraulic arm and qualified operator; and carry up to 18 tonnes of waste for affordable, quick, and effective removal.

Waste Management

Trusted by hundreds of businesses nationwide, we're experts in providing bespoke waste management solutions. We offer a full service tailored for your convenience and cover all industries. Our methods are cost and eco-friendly, so you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint with a custom-built plan.

Roll On Roll Off

If a standard skip isn't the right option for you, our RORO (Roll On Roll Off) containers can step in. Ideal for high volume construction and general waste. We offer a range of sizes, from 20 cubic yards for lighter debris to 40 cubic yards for heavy, bulky items and inert waste. Low sides, open top and rear doors are a few ways RORO hire make loading easy and convenient. Whether you're refurbishing the office or overseeing a demolition project, we can ensure you benefit from fewer pick-ups saving you time and money.

Skip Hire

Our skip hire is a perfect solution for removing heavy materials such as soil and rubble; or if you need to keep a disposal option on-site for some time. We provide skips of varying sizes to fit all needs and budgets, from 4-yard skips (40 bin bags) to 12-yard skips (120 bin bags). Our service is available nationwide, with delivery and collection arranged when it's convenient for you.

Tipper Hire & Muck Away

Our Tipper Hire works best for large-scale clearance. Capable of carrying up to 20 tonnes, we can quickly remove muck away, concrete, and construction waste. Whether you're undertaking a commercial project or excavating the garden, tipper hire is an efficient solution. Expect unwanted materials to disappear rapidly.

Preparing your rubbish for removal?

Does my waste need to be outside?

We will collect your rubbish from inside, upstairs, outside – most locations, as long as it is safe to access. If you’re not going to be in you may want to move it outside or somewhere we can access it.

Does my waste need to be bagged?

Generally it does not need to be bagged – we are happy to do a bit of running around to gather it all up. If waste is strewn in very small quantities over a large area you may want to consider bagging this waste to ensure we remove it all and to ensure there are no additional charges.

Does my waste need to be in one place?

We’re happy to collect your rubbish from multiple locations on your premises including across several rooms, so there is no need to put it all in one location. It can be helpful when the waste is clearly separated or in one place, particularly if someone else is showing us what to remove, and also to help provide a quote. It can also make the clearance go a little faster and reduce disruption, but it is certainly not a requirement.

What rubbish can you remove?

Waste Items Accepted

Whilst this list is not definitive, we can remove the following:

Bulky waste such as sofas, armchairs, beds, divans, tables, chairs, cupboards, desks.

Electrical waste (WEEE) such as lamps, bulbs, microwaves, ovens, cookers, computers, hair dryers, toasters.

Prohibited Waste Items

There are some waste streams we cannot ordinarily remove due to health and safety or compliance, but if you contact us first we can usually provide a bespoke solution.

  • Raw food and meat such as category 3 ABP waste
  • Licensed and unlicensed asbestos
  • Working around needles and sharps
  • Chemicals and solvents including most paints

Waste Types In Small Quantities

Heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble, soil and plasterboard. For larger amounts of these waste streams we would recommend our skip hire service.

Estimating & Quoting

Waste Items Accepted

We charge based on the volume of waste we collect, which is estimated and a fixed quote provided before we undertake the work. We have a maximum estimated weight of 100kg per cubic yard (0.83m3), which means heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil could cost more and it could be a skip will be more suitable for large amounts.

How much waste do i have?

Sometimes it can be hard to accurately gauge how much you have to go. You can use our website to help and we typically give the guide of 2 small domestic washing machines is around the same size as 1 cubic yard (0.83m3).

However customers can also email a list of items, a description of the waste or ideally send a photo of the waste. This will allow us to provide a much more accurate estimate of the collection size you require before booking.

How much does my waste weigh?

Bulky waste is typically around 50-60kg’s per cubic yard whilst heavy and dense waste could weigh as much as 1 tonne for a single cubic yard. For this reason we will always ask whether you have any heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil, as this may impact the cost or mean we recommend a skip hire service instead (which we can supply).

As a guide bricks weigh around 2kg each, a rubble sack usually weighs around 20-30kg and a tonne bag full of heavy and dense waste can be anywhere from 350kg – 1000kg.

As long as you don’t have anything dramatically heavy weight will not be an issue and not usually something to consider from a cost perspective.